Archangel Daniel


Also known:  Anauel, Serapiel, Serafiel, Seraphael, Haniel,

Colour:                       Emerald, Deep Pink, Magenta
Crystals:                     Emerald, Chrysoprase, Zoisite, Peridot,

Astrology/Zodiac:       Taurus, Libra

Archangel Daniel’s name means ‘God’s Merciful Judgement’.

Daniel is the ‘Angel of Marriage’, the ‘Angel of Universal Love’ and the ‘Principle Guardian Angel’. Archangel Daniel is a Principle Healer, Mentor and Guardian Angel and he resonates with love, strength and peace.

Archangel Daniel is said to be one of the highest ranked angels in the Universe, although his origins are unknowable. Daniel is said to be in charge of the Gates of Ascension.

Archangel Daniel helps us to attract love and encourages us to live our lives to the fullest, finding wholeness and fulfilment within. Daniel also inspires holistic and peaceful lifestyles within the human realm.

Daniel resonates with grace, peace, harmony and truth, and helps us to see circumstances and situations with clarity and insight, allowing us to act most appropriately. Daniel sheds light upon hidden agendas and manipulations, bringing clarity and truth to all situations and circumstances. Archangel Daniel helps us to discern between what is real and what is not.

Daniel brings inspiration for change on all levels, but particularly within relationships.
Daniel assists with growing, developing and strengthening relationship skills and helps to reignite, nurture and maintain the spark within long-term partnerships, encouraging an enduring, loving union.

Archangel Daniel brings help and healing with any aspects of marriage, including separations and divorce and can be called upon for all matters to do with love and marriage. When you wish for Daniel’s help with relationship and marriage issues, call for his presence then ask for his guidance and support, and ask him to show you the best way forward.

Archangel Daniel can help you to release pre-conceived relationship roles and encourages you to be your authentic self. Daniel can assist with releasing and letting go of hurts, fears and baggage from past relationships so that we are able to move forward. Archangel Daniel helps us to find our identity within the depths of our being, and helps us to stand strong within ourselves.

Daniel also helps with any situation calling for charm and eloquence.

Archangel Daniel works with clarity of speech and communication and helps us to have and express compassion for the self and others.

One of Archangel Daniel’s main functions is to help us to focus our desires, dreams and intentions in ways that help us to manifest and materialize those desires and intentions in positive and productive ways.

Archangel Daniel is also able to offer us help with developing our intuitive abilities and helps us to open our hearts to unconditional, Divine love.

Archangel Daniel is associated with the ascension process and works with Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel to help with the transitions that humans and the world as a whole are going through at this time in Earth’s history.

Archangel Daniel also works with Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to bring forth the energy of unconditional love to be fully expressed.

Archangel Daniel is appearing to more and more people around the world, through dreams, during meditation, when invoked and also spontaneously. Archangel Daniel often comes to us while we are meditating and/or dreaming, and his presence is powerfully loving, calming and peaceful.

Archangel Daniel helps with:

- Finding inner fulfilment
- Attracting love
- all matters to do with love and marriage
- Developing and strengthening relationships
- Bringing clarity into relationships
- Being your authentic self
- Discerning what is what, and what is not
- Living life to the fullest
- Releasing the past
Developing spiritual and psychic abilities
- The ascension process

Sacred Scribes


  1. i't is all true. seen him. met my future husband a month later. Incredible!

  2. if you want to know what he looks like. let me know

    1. I want to know how he looks like. do you have an image of him?

    2. let me know how to upload a photo on here. Sorry about spelling mistakes on reply. Rush job

    3. All that describes me to the tea I feel I protect people and I can hear bad people thinking sometimes especially the sly sneaky ones and believe angels operate through people

  3. What does he looks like?

  4. What does he look like? How did you ask him? Ty

    1. I do have an image but I don't know how to upload the picture on this site. Let me know if there is a way. However, he could Danish or Australian. Very pale complexion with freckles. Fantastic, cool Aussie surfer's hairdo. Not short, not long, whispy, fringe parted to one side flicked back with a natural wave. Light blond hair with a few copper streaks running through them. About six foot tall, very slim and wears casual clothes such as a stripey tshirt and black five pocket jeans. He wasn't gorgeous but his hair so Amazing. When you see him, his arms are brought forward and rolls his arms in circular movement continuously. When he speaks, he whispers but it was pretty scary!! wasn't a soft voice but pretty eery in actual fact. I hope to be of some help in case you could seem him to one day so we can compare notes.

  5. I think it's fascinating but I'm wondering, where did all of this information come from? Is it channelled or researched? I ask because I've been told that he is my twin flame unless I'm being misinformed or somehow misled. Is it possible? Thanks for the info

  6. there is truth to all of this but falsity in all of it as well. spiritual nature is certainly reality, and if you understand it well, all of this info is fun and sometimes healthy to ponder. but please do not make any serious life decisions about your soul mates/careers/anything crucial based solely on these pieces of information...

  7. My guides, whether they be archangels or ascended spirits, appear as lights, any color on the spectrum. Normally the color is part of the message. Physical appearance is a direct reflection of you. If a guide or archangel takes physical form, he/she will not necessarily appear the same to everyone. The description in the above comment evokes an image for all of us that is individual based on our frame of reference. Archangel Daniel knows we have this perception of his image. If he wants me to know who his is, based on this image, he will appear to me in this form, but it is important to note that our guides and archangels can appear to us in many forms, not just human, and clearly identify themselves.

  8. Wow.. When I was around 11-12 years old (after my parents divorce) I had a "fake"imaginary friend named Danny. When I was younger I never had imaginary friends. I was a very sad girl for a long time but felt comfort from talking to Danny. My angels have been with me all along. Thank you

    1. It's such a gift to know not only that we are always loved and supported in love and light, but that we are the embodiment of love and light.

  9. Might seem strange, but at the age of 33 I entered the gate to my mind, and understood I was not only a human being, but a certain archangel, and while my senses could see, hear, and feel I also understood that what was ahead of me - suffering and pain to get perspectives of life, but also to get my spirit body improved, which means lots of pain. So, here I am at the age of 42 and my name is Daniel, and the archangel that is with me is not Gabriel, but Gwendolyn and she is a female, which I hear most of the time. Sure, angels sing and I am not aging, and there is no point in meeting priests, because they can't comprehend anything about the reality beyond microscopes and telescopes, which made me the greatest scientist on Earth, so yes, I can be a human being and hide among people, but I thought I would just share my work, which you can read about on https://www.vikingspaceagency.se, and yes, I know how to build websites,...and I have all the answers about eternity, so go ahead and ask and I will just share the perfect amount of it for your mind to comprehend, or you could look at me as some weirdo.

  10. ...I forgot to tell you that many things about me that you have tried to explain through all these people are way and beyond wrong. When I turn 121 years old without a wrinkle, then science will say that it must be due to mutations and I will just nod, because most scientists have no idea about anything. Once again, you will probably believe me when you read my website at https://www.vikingspaceagency.se and no, Daniel means the Day in Electricity and Vikings have spread the origin of my language, which is mostly like Swedish and Norwegian. Yes, emerald is correct, because those are the colors of my eyes. I will also become Olympic Winner in Wrestling and many other sports and people will think I am very strange, but imagine living a life that takes one centillion years to express and cope with 7.2 billions of brainwashed kids.

    1. Daniel, I have to say, I am uncertain of what you are trying to achieve. I read your words, but question the intent behind them. I feel it is unnecessary to criticize those whose opinions differ from yours. It is best to lead by example, living in love and light. To put down others to elevate oneself is self defeating. It takes away from credibility. Do not preach eternal youth, live it. Personally, I will live and die another life and journey on to the next challenge that God (I prefer the term God, to Universal source or spirit) places before me. We must die in order to have the opportunity to reflect and contemplate in pure love and light what that lifetime meant and how we will use it to help shine our lights even brighter in our next lifetime(s). We all have different journeys. It is best that we respect one another's and support each other to elevate human consciousness as a whole.

    2. I am Daniel the Archangel. Disconnected 26 year old living in the united states of America that just tried to write for about an hour, as to why I believe so, but had my post just disappear. With that said I don't feel like spending another hour writing, but I was led to Joanne Walmsley's exact description of what I haven't understood about myself for so long. If you have questions or disqualifications I'm gonna leave my personal email warnerdman@gmail.com. I'd personally like to speak to Joanne, but I'll just say, I'm educated, hard working, grew up on Native American lands, always put myself last, had a prophecy spoke to me in tongues years ago, based on the confession Jesus was my savior.

  11. I'm the real living Daniel the Archangel. 26 years old reborn onto a earth I don't understand any longer. A few folks have compared me to the Archangel Michael as I've grown up, so tonight for an unknown reason I decided to research Michael the Archangel. Came across the prophet Daniel, and only ended here to read every word of the description of Daniel the Archangel, by Joanne Walmsley. I was told in a prophecy described in tongues 8 years ago, after simply accepting Jesus as my savior in a non-denominational church, that my prophecy was vague and obscure but my future mother in law told me I was put on this planet to help people. After never being married, and specifically being asked to help out a close friend I've been secretly attracted to for over a year, she reached out to me for the relationship advice and agreed with me towards everything. I minored in philosophy in college and majored in criminal justice. I never quite understood my choices towards my specific education but I understand now. Studying philosophy in college is simply studying different religions and greek mythology. I've always told people I'm an old soul and have a eidetic memory, which no one even understands, but I do....... to make it even more real, my father just said he's gonna commit suicide in my deer/ground blind I constructed with my bare hands on predominately inhabited Native American soil hundreds of years ago.. but right as he said it... I was playing the song "I'd done a lot of things different" by Kenny Chesnutt. My mother always told me I was protected. Someone contact me. warnerdman@gmail.com I'm not crazy, this whole American election thing has just made me reflect for a few days on a more focused basis. I was severely worried about my community and just want people to hold my point of view. AND i'm not right or wrong.

  12. Angels have never been born to human parents, they are purely celestial beings, untouched and untainted by a physical body. The human struggle is necessary for the grown of the spirit, love and light within all of us. The onus place upon angels does not require the experience of birth to human form. The duties of a guide are enhanced by the human experience.

    I am often confused by the proclamation of individuals as to a state of being, existence or identity. Angles and guides provide a knowing and understanding to those who open themselves up to them. I read Joanne's blogs and sites daily to seek out information and/or guidance because her knowledge is so vast, a knowledge that she has spent a lifetime acquiring and sharing. Any additional information I need I meditate on and ask for, which is provided in divine right time.

    Find the spark within and lead by example.

    Also, my children are my angels, but not because I consider them to be celestial beings. They've taught me how to love unconditionally and their smiles evoke a constant state of euphoria. They are my greatest gifts and teachers.

  13. Hello Laurene, my name is Daniel and I have been on a quest to understand who I am for a long time. Two weeks ago I have been praying and walking with Jesus and one day he asked me if I wanted to know who I was and I said, yes with delight. So I was pointed to the bible Daniel 9:21, which is my birthday and then I received a text from my mom about birth orders while I was looking wow huh? Then I find out my life path number is a 4, that really freaked me out. People that I help call me Angel or Arch Angel Daniel. Which these people who have call me that have no more than a fifth grade education. I don't self proclaim any of this stuff and don't know much about it. But I feel like I should know my place in the Universe, is that wrong? I feel so lost and sad I want to be with my kind. Then I get sad and then it rains and I live in a desert lol. I have visions of beast in heaven. I see light in straight lines reflecting like a solid laser beam off the kitchen sink. I just need to talk with someone who has a ancient angelic knowledge is what I gather, I have so many questions. I can't even look at a pentagram with out strange things happening. It freaks out my friends and they run away I try to hide it but things just start happening. I have called down arch angels, specifically Gabriel through Jesus twice in my life time and I can verify that through my ex wife and ex in-laws, now they go to church after that experience lol! They have a successful business in North Idaho. I have dreams and visions I have spent approximately 1minute 30seconds in a time dream slip in real time I could see and I knew where everything was in the room and knew what was going to happen, but I couldn't talk, this was in fifth grade. There has been numerous things happen to me and it is rampant and gets more intense whether I like it or not as time passes. I know I'm not crazy trust me my parents checked when I was young. My mother told me when I was a infant I would play with something in the air and cooing and laughing, then she would walk in the room and it would feel warm and bright, this happened more than once. She is a speech therapist so she would know if that was strange for my age at the time. I hope you can help. I want to write a book about all my experiences to help others like me it sucks being by yourself. I have more information on why I think I may be Daniel. Trust me my life is strange I can barely have friends and if I do have friends I have to keep them at arms length. I have been trying to contact Sadhu from Jesus ministies he has a lot of Angelic information, but he is hard to reach. Hope you can help. Thanks Daniel.

    1. Daniel, I am on Joanne's blogs and sites all the time, 3 -10+ times a day. Spiritual growth and transformation is a lonely place. It's so important to maintain perspective. The direction I am being guided is humbling, overwhelming, scary, comforting, exciting and so many other things, but without maintaining balance of my chakras with meditation and personal choices, I lose perspective and allow the material world to impose itself upon me. I meditate 3 times a day, but my meditations are longer when I feel lonely or isolated. I call my guides, angels, and Raphael to help me transmute my feelings and maintain balance. I find that being around others who understand love and light and how that energy is benevolent and changes us all in the best way possible is where I am most at home, not church, but that's just me. I was raised Roman Catholic, but I do not submit to dogmatic religions. I live in Love and Light and do my best to live by example. I am not perfect, I am flawed, but I do my best to do no harm.

      I am psychic, and latched onto Joanne's blogs and pages to help teach me and guide me, especially her angel numbers blog. Now my direction is clear and I know where to go for information when I need it. I urge you to find your center, your guide(s), so you can interpret the messages being sent to you. Maybe Daniel resonates with you not because he is you but because he is trying to share his gift with you. He helps release preconceived relationship roles. He is also "in charge of the gates of ascension." Consider the possibility that you may need to rethink some of your relationships, it also seems like you are going through a spiritual growth spirt. Find your center and think about this and ask what the messages mean, then listen to your intuition. You are your own best guide.

    2. I've had people massage therapist tell me my energies are very well balanced. I don't do dogmatic religion even Jesus didn't like it and I very much understand why. I have made it in quantum physics and understand that well, I apply it to metaphysics so I do understand all of that and what is going on and Jesus is all access to the spirit relm and I have had amazing success with Jesus. Like I said I'm just looking for those few who understands what I know, I was reading some of your responses to other people and I was impressed by your spiritual and neutral balance of words you use with discernment. So I reached out. You develop wisdom well and I want to be around that type of souls and spirits it's good for me :-). Nice to meet you.